Helix Yoga

Helix Yoga

At Helix Healthcare Group, Yoga encompasses breath, meditation, concentration, connection and more.  Sometimes, just the simple profound act of sitting and talking authentically is “the yoga” that is healing. We offer therapeutic, mindful, yoga with our hand-picked team of trauma-informed yoga instructors.

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is a mind/body practice that promotes integration, balance and healing. When we struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction we are disconnected from our true selves. Sessions might draw upon one or several of the following aspects of yoga to encourage healing:  intention setting, breathing practices, movement and resting poses, meditation, relaxation techniques, yoga philosophy, mindfulness and sounding. With regular yoga practice, students access more stability and presence and become increasingly comfortable navigating life challenges.

Mindful and Embodied Yoga

Yoga sessions at Helix Healthcare Group nurture an attitudinal shift, directing your attention from the outer world to your inner experiencing. A kind attention is directed inward through guided relaxation, breathwork and postures steeped in stillness and gentle, dynamic movement. As embodied-awareness grows, a grounded ease, stress resilience and a calm openness to life, naturally unfolds. Patiently leaning in with genuine care and friendliness, has a soothing and transforming effect for participants at all levels.

“We empower our clients with the tools, treatments and
techniques to achieve complete wellness.”

– Mark Rivkin, CEO and Founder