The Value of the Far Sighted Approach

Often we’ll be standing in the what “isness” of where we are, kicking and screaming as we search for ways to be anywhere else but here… what if, in those moments you could begin to create a space just large enough to allow you to have a more far sighted approach? Would that help ease your fear, your angst or your malaise towards the unavoidable need of going deep?

Sometimes, often times, it’s in the moments of reconciliation to your present experience where breakthrough and transformation can occur. Remember, it’s only by having a far sighted approach to fully living and loving your dream that you can ride the assortment of fluctuations, one experiences as a necessary by product of living life.

As much as we all want the proverbial “IT“ to be smooth sailing, the fact is, it’s not… however; there are ways you can achieve more stability. It’s by staying focused on the “far side” (read your goals); that you can find anchor in the tumultuous moments of this magnanimous ride.

Keep your eye on the prize & as always, learn to enjoy the journey!

Wishing you peace & love


By Rita Najm
Life Coach & Director of Client Experience

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