Interview with Jesse On The Todd Shapiro Show

Todd Shapiro gets the details from Jesse Hanson on Helix Healthcare Group through this entertaining and informative interview.

We’re going to speak with Jesse here, from Helix Healthcare Group. Guys this is the deal here on the Todd Shapiro show here on SiriusXM, we have all sorts of fun, and I think you know this, cause there’s a lot of great big supportive, great listeners, whether you hear us live on SiriusXM, or later on the Todd Shapiro or of course on iTunes. And don’t be afraid to give us a comment on iTunes too, it helps our ratings, I hear. But every day we talk about something serious, yesterday I talked to Michael Lansberg for an entire hour, about mental health and mental health issues. As men, as strong men, sometimes we are afraid of, and we stereotype too, “oh she’s crazy,” or “she’s this, that.” Guys we all deal with this stuff, and women too, this is a real serious thing. And I’m here now with Helix Healthcare Group who have Holistic approaches to deal with this kind of stuff. Jesse is in studio, did you just play hockey or something bro? I wish man. I actually moved here from California, so I’ve been into many different sports, including soccer, surfing, Frisbee, all that stuff. 

Where in California you from? I was actually in Malibu. Oh, man, do you know Don Wildman? Owner of Bally Fitness. He’s got a nice big mansion there. I know his name, but I have not been to his mansion. Malibu is truly heaven. And what’s cool about it is, that it’s only 45 minutes outside of LA. It’s where the mountains meet the ocean. I was thinking it’s where the movie stars spend all their money. But anyway…

So you guys have this great initiative. This great new shop in the Yorkville area. And I know we obviously broadcast in Yorkville being a real nice area in Toronto. And let’s talk serious for a second, because, mental health affects people, addictions affect a lot of people. And what do you guys do to help cure these problems or at least cope with them? Yes, Todd, I want to actually bridge off of what you talked about with sick not weak. And that’s actually exactly why Helix Healthcare Group is launching, and we are right in the heart of Toronto and Yorkville. And it’s because we really want to change the stigma and the perception of mental health, addiction, and trauma. All the ways that people carry their pain inside, or their symptoms of the pain, as they arrive. So Helix Healthcare Group is compiled of two main programs, Catalyst Wellness and Spectrum Recovery. Both are dedicated to helping people make long lasting change in both the mind and the body.

“Helping to shift the traditional idea that addiction is a disease, as something that we’re cursed with or stuck with forever.”

So let me ask you a question… and I’m being very serious when I say this. We’ll have fun, have some beers here in the studio and stuff… There’s a very big difference between guys or ladies going out and having a good night. And everyone tries one on, let’s be serious…. Jesse, have you tried one on before? I have. Okay. And that’s what I’m trying to clarify here. And you know it’s funny. We had this segway and I actually thought it was a good segway, because part of me was like let’s deal with this, because there is a difference. Because, people know when to say when. And I think that’s the major difference when it comes to addiction. As opposed to going, “ah, I got wasted last night, I’ve got to go drink a tone of water today.” And it’s about not controlling and letting it impact life. So you go see guys who don’t know how to shut it off, is that correct? Both. All the above. Both. Alright. Our programs are really for anyone and everyone that’s interested in their own evolution. Todd, I really appreciate you’re going right to that, and being honest and real like that. And that is again, part of what we’re about. Is helping to shift the traditional idea that addiction is a disease, as something that we’re cursed with or stuck with forever. Our approach is based with treating the underlying issues or the root causes. So the difference between someone who can have a few beers, whatever number that is, and wake up continuing their life vs. someone that does the same and ends up blacking out or having some awful part of their personality arrive. Our philosophy or our approach is based on treating the underlying addictions, and so it’s all about looking at why am I doing that? It’s not as much about assessing or judging or labeling someone as an addict, or abusing, right, does that make sense?

It does, it makes perfect sense. And you have a very Zen approach to you; I just want to hang out with you to chill out as well. Do you like Frisbee? Yeah, well I mean I’m terrible at it. I was always awful at hacky sack and Frisbee and stuff. Yeah. But I like the fact that you’re in the heart of it. Toronto, is a party city, it goes hard, it goes really hard, and I see it go hard, and I see a lot of people who, and I might even be one of them, who’s functionally addicted to things. Like really, I drink a ton, I drink a bottle of wine a night at least. And I don’t know if that’s good or bad, my doctor says it’s bad, but you go and do polls on the Internet and they tell you that if you have more than 7 drinks a week then you’re an alcoholic. So I don’t really know, and the functioning part is tough. But I’m getting out of you, here over at the Helix Healthcare Group, and the Holistic Approach, is more about seeing where the root comes from. And seeing about are there struggles within you, can we bring out those struggles in terms of you coping with them without something that might take you away as an escape. Yes absolutely, and in other words, where am I coming from when I’m doing this? You give yourself as an example, it’s more about the quality of life, I’m not here to label or diagnose anybody, to decide whether you’re an addict or an alcoholic or whatever. It’s more about are you happy in your life? 

“It’s more about, are you happy in your life?”

Well Jesse, where can people find you? How do people get in touch with you? How do people deal with this stuff? And listen, everyone is worth it. I would say this; most people could at least give you a call. Maybe it’s worth it. Spend one session with you guys. You know we really do have programs for everybody. And whether they’ve been diagnosed with anything or consider themselves addicts or alcoholics, our programs are built completely unique and individualized for each person. So how can we find you? The best way is or Were also on Twitter — @Helix_Health. Sounds good man.

And not to make light. I’m not making light. I’m kind of making light. I shouldn’t. You couldn’t have recruited Ford? That would have been good. Well Rob Ford, is like anyone dealing with substance abuse, and my hope is that Rob Ford is being curious about the underlying issues, just like I would wish for anyone that’s dealing with that stuff.

So you’re an expert in this stuff, in helping people heal? I’ve been doing it for quite a few years. I guess we could call myself an expert. Have you worked with movie stars? I did, I worked in Malibu for 6 years. And I have to say Rob Ford, and I’ll end it on this cause we have a ton of show to get to. But, do you think a guy like this, in your professional opinion, and I’m sure you don’t know a ton about him, cause you’re not from the area. But can someone just go away for 30 days, and maybe just over 30 days, and then come back into this spotlight that none of us experience. And I’ve said it a million times; he’s a rock star. He does no privacy. Is that enough time to cope with this stuff? Because listen this guy means a lot to us, cause he’s the mayor of the city, and may continue to be the mayor if people vote him back in. Do you think he maybe needs some more time? Rob Ford is a celebrity in his own right, and celebrities have an even more challenging time than a quote on quote-normal person, coming back from a treatment center. Even for people that aren’t celebrities, I always recommend after care. So my hope for Rob Ford is the same, that he realizes the journey goes on. The 30, to 60 to 90 days, that’s great, that’s like tilling the fields for growth and yet integrating back into real life, that’s the real journey. I like it, I like it. I just have one more thing to say. Please do. I also feel like he’s sitting on the precipice of an amazing opportunity to influence people in a real positive way. That’s fair. I feel like that’s a nice way to put it, I really do. And I respect him for going and getting help. 

So, when you say aftercare, what do you mean? It’s more about continuing to understand why. Why do I do the things that I do. And how do I deal with all the stresses and the influences for Mayor Ford, the political world, his family all these things. And that’s what Helix Healthcare Group is here for, we are primarily an aftercare program, and we work with everyone but our programs are about psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, life coaching, addiction counseling, we do something really cool which I would like to introduce to you, it’s called sound therapy. It’s a way of finding and accessing deeper parts of our own internal experiences, through sound and vibration music, and it’s using very specialized instruments.

On a very serious note, I know I make light of a lot of things, but thank you so much, it’s a very positive message. And guys, or ladies or any of you, and if you know someone, or you may think you may be dealing with some issues, contact the guys at Helix Healthcare Group. It’s a great follow up to the Lansberg interview yesterday, because a lot of people are afraid to deal with their struggles, and it’s ok. Sick but not weak. Go contact them, Helix Healthcare Group; it’s a holistic approach to mental health and dealing with it. Thank you so much.

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