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Mental Health in Children & Teens
Understanding Triggers and Mental Health
Understanding Triggers and Mental Health
When a Loved One Has An Addiction
The Underlying Causes of Addiction
Interview on Addiction & Mental Health
Preventing Addiction in Kids and Teens
Hypnotherapy to Retrain the Brain
The Road Back From Trauma

Mental Health

Holistic Approach to Trauma and PTSD
Somatic Psychotherapy for Anxiety
Changing Negative Self Talk
Using Neuroscience to Manage Stress
Healing Your Inner Child
Rethinking Mental Illness
Mental Health Treatment Options
Discover a Holistic Framework of Health
Look Beyond the Brain with Assessments
Treat the Physical Foundation of Mental Health
Helix's Cutting-Edge Approach


The Science of Sound Therapy
Hypnotherapy to Retrain the Brain
Deep Relaxation Hypnotherapy
Waking Meditation Hypnotherapy

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