The Helix Difference

About Helix Healthcare Group

Right now, 1 in 5 Canadians are struggling with a mental health or addiction issue. At Helix Healthcare Group, we are lifting the veil of silence. We are change-makers, driven by science and fueled by passion.

Through our core programs, Helix Recovery, Helix Mind and Helix Medical, we are blazing a new trail in the treatment of mental health, trauma, and addiction challenges. By integrating neuropsychology, mind-body techniques and cutting-edge treatments, we offer an intelligent, compassionate, and unique approach. We know that each and every one of our clients has the potential to achieve complete wellness – and we are here to help them achieve it.

We believe in our clients and in our ability to guide them. We are Helix Healthcare Group.

Your Emotional Operating System

Do you ever feel like your past is running your present – and your future? Well, in many ways it is. Our Emotional Operation System was built long ago, in childhood. What we learn and what we internalize lays the groundwork for how, why, and when we respond to certain situations. Regardless of age, these emotional response patterns continue to drive our actions, reactions, and thought patterns still today. We don’t realize it because they are so ingrained into our nervous system that they become automatic and reflexive. Some are helpful – such as jumping back from a moving bus and removing your hand from a scalding surface. Others are maladaptive, such as refraining from asking for help or admitting vulnerability because you believe you will get hurt. When these thought processes and behaviour patterns from the past are triggered in the present, they contribute to chronic stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship issues and more.

Looking Beyond the Symptoms

At Helix Healthcare Group, your therapeutic journey reaches deeper than conventional talk therapy and treatment programs. We look beyond the superficial symptoms to truly understand your emotional landscape, address underlying issues, and create new neural pathways in the brain. Our multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to encourage healing on an emotional, physical, and cellular level. As a result, our clients experience a more profound healing, a greater reduction in symptoms, and a healthier shift in lifestyle.

Your One-of-A-Kind Curriculum

Your treatment solution will be personalized to your specific, unique needs and will include the most cutting-edge treatments, techniques, and tools available today. Your individualized curriculum may include Somatic (Body-Centered) Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), and other evidence-based therapies.

In addition to one-on-one sessions, we incorporate a selection of process and wellness groups, led by members of our clinical team. What’s more, our signature Helix wellness therapies, such as sound therapy, bodywork, yoga, and mindfulness meditation, can be instrumental in accessing areas of the brain that psychotherapy can’t effectively reach. But we don’t stop at the individual. We integrate all pieces of the puzzle for optimal mental health, including the family system. Using our integrative approach, we will uncover and address maladaptive patterns, unhealthy boundaries, and poor communication skills within the family so that you can build a strong external support system to sustain you on a new, ahealthier path. The result is an all-encompassing therapeutic journey that helps heal past trauma, change destructive patterns, and build a better future.

Benefits of Our Out-Patient Treatment Programs

We offer a wide variety of integrative mental health and addiction treatment programs, which range from a few hours per week for our preventative and aftercare programs to fifteen hours per week for our more intensive support packages.  You can also select from our  list of signature à la carte treatments.

  • Lower Costs

    Our intensive-level programs cost significantly less than in-patient care, while providing more one-on-one sessions than any other treatment program in Canada.

  • Less Time Away

    Our customized solutions let you remain in your home city while getting the treatment you need, without the expense and hassle of travel.

  • No In-Patient Bubble

    Residential treatment programs can create an unrealistic safety net. When a client returns home they often face challenges that impact their long-term recovery. At Helix, we work with the individual, the family, and the support system to create a healthier home environment.

  • Therapist/Client Relationship

    Clients benefit from the support of a core therapeutic team, without needing to transition from in-patient to out-patient care.

  • Lasting Results

    We teach clients how to live a sustainably sober and satisfying life, while remaining engaged in their day-to-day activities and relationships.

  • Accountability

    Clients in our Helix Recovery program receive random drug screens while developing appropriate responses to triggers in their everyday lives.

“At Helix Healthcare Group, your wellness is not only
our mandate, it's our passion.”

Mark Rivkin, CEO and Co-Founder