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Ross Mckenzie

Certified Life Coach

After being prescribed lithium for 16 years to treat an alleged bipolar disorder diagnosis, Ross progressively reduced his use of the psychotropic drug using an integrated mind, body and spirit approach to treat the root causes of his symptoms. Today, he is healthy, vibrant, and free from psychotropic medicine and mental health symptoms – and most importantly living a joyful, creative and inspired life. His 20-year research journey into integrated approaches to mental health and wellness was the driving force that led him to co-produce the multi-award winning documentary film, Bipolarized. As a public speaker and certified life coach he is helping individuals reclaim their own lives and source the root causes of their own mental health challenges.  Ross is the Co-Founder of Radical Wellness Inc., a Toronto based digital start up that is proud to offer pioneering mental health and wellness education to the world. When taking a break Ross enjoys playing in the rainforest amongst the monkeys with his wife and two kids in Costa Rica. 


Bi-Polar Disorder
Pharmaceutical Detox coaching


Relational Somatic Psychology (Three Fold Way)



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