Is Your Child or Teen Struggling With Anxiety, Stress, or Depression?

Does These Sound Familiar? Symptoms Can Include:

  • Scary memories, thoughts or nightmares
  • Daydream or space out frequently throughout the day
  • Appear to feel emotionally numb or disconnected
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Increased difficulties with focus and attention
  • Expressing negative or self-destructive thoughts
  • Eating significantly more or less than usual
  • Decreased interest in their favourite activities
  • Headaches, tummy aches or other physical issues
  • ‘Acting out’ or disruptive behaviours at home or school

If you answered YES, it’s time to seek help

In any given year, 1 out of 5 kids will experience a significant mental health issue that impacts their daily lives and those of their family members. Children can develop the same mental health conditions as adults. However, the presenting symptoms are different because the brain of a child is not fully developed.

As a result, the warning signs are frequently missed.

Often, what appears on the surface as difficult, frustrating behaviours and learning problems is a symptom of an underlying cause – an unheard story about their feelings inside. If we only address the behaviours without ever digging deeper, we miss out on an opportunity to understand the whole child – and create lasting, transformative change.

Watch our video below on understanding child and teen mental health …

At Helix Healthcare Group, we are clinical experts in understanding the root causes behind a child’s unhealthy habits, uncomfortable feelings, and destructive behaviour patterns. And we know how to change them in an impactful way by blending conventional treatment methods with cutting-edge neuroscience and holistic techniques.

Contact us today to book a FREE consultation with a child and youth mental health specialist or reserve a spot in our upcoming workshop. 

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