Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment

Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment

While chemical substances are surely the most common and problematic addictions, a person can become addicted to many things, including a number of behaviors. In fact, we spend our lives continuously surrounded by potential addictions, so it makes sense why addiction has become the most deadly of all diseases. It also shows the importance of substance abuse treatment and substance abuse addiction counseling.

During any given year, approximately 20 percent of Canadians will experience some type of substance abuse or mental health disorder, which amounts to one in five individuals. More specifically, it’s currently estimated that at least six million Canadians will suffer from substance abuse problems at some point in their lifetimes, an estimate that has continued to rise in recent years. Meanwhile, many substance abuse treatment centers have failed to innovate, providing minimalist substance abuse treatment with high rates of recidivism.

At Helix Healthcare Group, we have made it our mission to provide innovative, comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our substance abuse program — Helix Recovery — is a multidisciplinary mind-body approach to recovery, incorporating neuroscience into our drug and alcohol addiction counseling alongside integrative mindfulness and other Eastern philosophies. From the start of drug and alcohol treatment to graduation and becoming an alumni, the Helix Difference means that each client receives our unwavering commitment, a broad selection of world-class treatments, and top-notch support throughout the journey to lasting wellness.

Substance Abuse and You

There’s certainly a strong physical component to the disease of addiction, but it is not solely a physical disease. Although deterioration of physical health is certainly a side effect of developing a substance abuse disorder, some of the most dire effects are those that occur in the brain. As an addiction develops, an individual’s neurology changes significantly, resulting in drastically altered functioning and even structural changes in the brain. These neurological changes affect an individual’s mood and inhibits memory as synapses (or connections) between different areas of the brain are severed and cognition decreases as a whole. In practice, this can result in unusual or even illogical patterns of thought and uncharacteristic behaviors.

The cumulative changes in the brain can cause individuals to have difficulty maintaining careers and relationships, exhibit reckless and self-destructive behavior. As thought patterns are interrupted, it becomes quite difficult to hold jobs as sustaining an alcohol or drug pattern becomes an all-consuming focus. As well, individuals who aren’t receiving substance abuse treatment are in danger of developing as many as 70 other serious health conditions — from heart disease to emphysema to cirrhosis of the liver and many others — not including the various cognitive and emotional disorders that can result from alcohol or drug abuse. In fact, people with a substance abuse problem are three times more likely to have or develop a mental disorder.

Substance Abuse Treatment and The Helix Difference

It’s not enough to merely treat a substance abuse order. Due to the complicated relationship that addiction has with many other physical and psychological conditions, a successful recovery requires many types of treatment to address a variety of needs, and that’s exactly what we offer with Helix Recovery.

We created Helix Recovery as our response to a treatment industry that often provides only part of a solution for a substance abuse problem. Our groundbreaking program offers a unique blend of Western therapies, cutting-edge neuroscience, proven psychotherapeutic modalities, hypnotherapy, integrative mindfulness, and Eastern philosophies as part of a comprehensive wellness program. Whether receiving drug or alcohol withdrawal treatment, becoming enlightened in one of our process groups, or getting one-on-one therapeutic support from an our on-site clinical team, you won’t get the Helix Difference at other substance abuse treatment centers.

Take a moment to learn more about the Helix Difference before heading to the Helix Recovery page for in-depth program information. If you’re prepared to begin your journey of transformation, call to speak with a Helix Healthcare Group staff member today.


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