What You Need to Know About Spiritual Science

Spiritual Science, is the common name to Anthroposophy, which is the philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920ies, and the target and meaning is: “The Knowledge produced by the Higher Self in Mankind”.

This philosophy offers a spiritual model of the human being, encompassing health and illness.To understand this “natural process of health and illness, we need to look beyond the façade of the physical body and its palpable organs, we need to comprehend the spirit and the soul, and their interaction between the human being and its environment, and I mean by environment, the most stretched one, the universe itself.

In other words we need to believe that what makes us move, think, and feel, is our spiritual being in correlation with our physical body, as the latter is only the manifestation of the spiritual. Proof of that is when the soul is out of the body, then the body is either asleep or dead.

We all have 4 bodies, and the interaction between those components can lead to illness or healing. It’s here, where the Rhythmic Massage can help you find a balance between those bodies.

But what are those bodies, and how do they manifest?

The first one is the Physical Body
The second is the Etheric Body, it’s the life body, its what is called Prana, or Qi or even life force.
The third is the Astral Body, it’s the body of consciousness, and its what makes us think and move.
The fourth is the I-Organization, and its our own individuality. It’s through this body that we feel the other and feel ourselves. In other words, it’s our blueprint.

Each of those bodies have a relationship between the human organization and the cosmos:
Physical body: in correlation with the Mineral Kingdom
Etheric body with plant life and water (crystals)
Astral body with the animal kingdom, planets and the zodiac
I-Organisation with the angels and the spiritual beings.

We may also note 3 different types of functioning in the human organism:
-Central Nervous System is related to the head, and the Astral Body
-Rhythmic System is relation with the blood and circulation, the heart and the respiratory organs, and the I-Org..
-Metabolic system is in relation with our digestive system and our limbic system, as well as the Etheric Body.

Those systems interpenetrate each other, but when one system extends into the domain of another, illness results.
For example: a migraine results when the metabolic system invades the Central Nervous System. To relieve it, as a Rhythmic Masseur, I would work on the calf and restore the balance by putting the Metabolic System where it should be, by a simple yet precise touch, based on suction instead of pressure, and the result will be a better digestion.

The result? Bye bye Migraine, hello balance.

By Elias Abdel Ahad
Rhythmic Massage Therapist

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