Meditation is quickly growing as an integral part of mental health. Current research shows that meditation helps balance brain activity, reduce stress, and improve emotional resiliency. Our meditation groups provide a variety of meditative styles to help clients create a meditation practice that fits into their lifestyle.


Yoga strengthens the body, increases body awareness, and calms the mind. It is a great way to exercise and increase mental health at the same time. Spectrum incorporates yoga into our programs so that clients are given a way to balance the psychological and emotional changes that happen during treatment.

Mindfulness and Embodiment

This group will focus on the mind-body connection, which is an essential part of the recovery process. Through conversations and experiential exercises, clients will learn how to bring what is known in the head down into the heart. The class will highlight mindfulness, or acute focus, as it is the vehicle that allows knowledge of the mind to become incorporated as wisdom through the entire body.


From the Greek roots of the word, we understand metaphysics as the inquiry into what lies “beyond” physics. Our metaphysical group invites participants to explore their connection and understanding of what is outside the physical plane of existence. Discovering purpose, faith, and interconnection are some of the many benefits that arise from studying metaphysics. All of these values help a person on the journey of recovery.

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