Psychotherapy is an integral part of the Spectrum Recovery program. We offer more than ten types  – ranging from EMDR and Relational Psychotherapy to Somatic Psychotherapy and Marraige/Family Therapy – to address both the right and left hemisphere of the brain so that you create a more fulfilling life.
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Wellness Therapies

Spectrum puts equal importance on both the mind and the body, seamlessly integrating treatments for optimal healing. From yoga and meditation, to nutrition and naturopathy, we believe that taking care of the physical body is an essential part of recovery. Read More →

Life Purpose

Life purpose coaching is uniquely tailored to suit your individual needs and may include personal, professional and/or community-oriented goals. Spectrum Recovery’s coaching team will empower you to re-discover a sense of purpose while learning practical tools to improve your daily life.
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Mind-Body Groups

Our mind-body groups are designed to help you reach your highest potential. Often times, lack of passion and purpose play a substantial role in forming and supporting destructive behavioural patterns. We offer a wide range of motivational, movement and mind-body groups to teach our clients stress-reduction techniques and strengthen their connection to themselves. Read More →


Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapeutic interventions designed to increase self-awareness. It is a regressive technique in which the hypnotized person is placed in a heightened, more receptive state of mind. This therapy connects with the clients’ subconscious mind to instill a sense of peace, control and confidence. Read More →

Process Groups

Process groups help you understand yourself through the lens of others. Essential to recovery, these groups allows clients to connect with others who are going through similar life challenges and growth opportunities. Our program features traditional process groups, along with men’s, women’s and family-specific groups. Read More →

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine combines a modern, scientific understanding of disease with traditional, holistic
approaches to treatment. In the management of addiction, treatments range from general supportive measures, non-narcotic pain relief and detoxification aids to specific protocols for addiction, withdrawal, and mental-emotional disturbances. Read More →

Medical Assessments

We are committed to providing an integrated approach to health and wellness, ranging from scientific and biochemical to energetic and spiritual. Our comprehensive approach includes a thorough medical assessment, in conjunction with laboratory testing. Read More →

Addiction Counselling

Addiction counselling helps clients to understand why they rely on substances and addictive behaviours as mental or emotional coping mechanisms in order to overcome them. Identifying how different habits affect the mind and body are important elements of this therapy. Read More →

Detox Assistance

We recognize that the detoxification process can be complicated and arduous. To support our clients, we collaborate closely with licensed medical physicians who monitor this process and ensure that it is managed both professionally and safely. Read More →

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