Our Philosophy

At Helix Healthcare Group, we look beyond the addiction. Although destructive habits may first bring someone into treatment, it is rarely the primary issue. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to stop the cycle of addiction through willpower or sheer determination alone. In fact, that very thinking can perpetuate a sense of failure.

As Gabor Mate once said, we should not first ask why the addiction, but why the pain? That’s why we ask the right questions. We help you to understand the driving forces behind your addictive behaviours, actions and habits. By working through held trauma, emotional wounds, and physical imbalances, we help you transition into recovery and achieve a better quality of life. Through leading-edge therapies, integrative medicine and mind-body techniques, we create change from within.

A message from CEO and Co-Founder, Mark Rivkin

If you’re reading this, then I want to be the first person to congratulate you on having the courage to find a way to change and improve your life. You have now taken the first step on your journey and you may not even know it.

But know this, you are not alone and we can help. Being addicted to substances is hard work. It is mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting. Most people probably don’t realize the amount of energy and time it takes to fuel substance abuse and more importantly, that most people who abuse substances are high-functioning, intelligent people.

We are not at all what most people think of when they think of a person abusing substances. We are doctors and lawyers, executives and entrepreneurs, young professionals, students and retirees. We come in different shapes and sizes, colors, ages and backgrounds, but we have one thing in common: we have all turned to substances to cope with life’s challenges.

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I know how you must feel at this moment in time. For several years, I suffered from a debilitating addiction to opiates and other substances. I had completely lost track of who I was and more importantly of who I wanted to be. I had one overriding desire, and that was to feed my addiction.

As bad as it was for me at the time, I wouldn’t go back and change anything. Sitting where you are right now, I am sure that what I am saying may be hard to believe, but I can assure you that you can overcome your addiction(s). In the process of doing so, you will become a stronger and more conscious person than you can imagine. That is why we started the Spectrum Recovery Program.

At Spectrum Recovery we will help you deal with the underlying issues that have left you with little choice but to find a way to “numb out” and use substances or destructive behaviours in order to cope. Our treatment program and team of professionals use a holistic approach that encompasses the mind and body in dealing with the core issues that lead to addiction.

We incorporate both cognitive and somatic (body-centered) approaches to psychotherapy that are based on clinically-grounded approaches and neuroscientific evidence. By working with both the mind and the body, our programs allow clients the opportunity for healing themselves and balancing their lives.

This approach has worked for me and thousands of others, and it can work for you.

A message from Clinical Director & Co-Founder, Jesse Hanson

Having had my own dance with substance abuse, I have become quite passionate about helping others who struggle with addiction. At first, I did not understand why I was abusing substances and checking out so often. It was simply the only way I knew how to deal with my pain.

Fortunately, I became tired just running on auto-pilot. I thought I was frustrated with life, but I was actually frustrated with myself. Eventually, I channeled these frustrations into something positive. I began to see a psychotherapist. I studied with numerous therapists and teachers in varying arenas of life. With support and guidance, I started to feel better about my behaviors -and in turn, myself. When I started to put my energy towards understanding, rather than judging myself for making the ‘wrong’ decisions, I began to understand that my destructive habits with drugs and alcohol were my best attempts at loving myself. I was trying to take care of myself, only I wasn’t very good at it back then. I was hurting so bad inside that I was willing to do anything to avoid feeling it, even when I knew that it was hurting me and the people that were closest to me.

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When I had this realization, it became much easier for me to invest in my own healing process. I began to see how the way in which I was relating to my past emotional pain and traumas was causing me to engage in self-destructive patterns, over and over again. With increased self-understanding, I gained empowerment and influence over my actions. My patterns of abusing substances began to fall away naturally. I did not have to tell myself “NO” all the time. Rather, I had to just keep loving myself and deepening my understanding of why I did the things I did. Through self-exploration, support, and perseverance, my life came into balance.

Once I began to create inner and outer balance in my life, I became excited to help others who I could see were hurting in the same way that I once had. This excitement guided me to complete my Master’s in clinical psychology and later my PhD in the same field. This path led me to Passages Malibu, Addiction Treatment Center. Throughout my five years at Passages, I held a variety of roles from coach to counsellor to group facilitator. I worked with thousands of people from all over the world. My clients taught me that we are all dealing with similar core issues; lack of connection, self-love, belonging, and purpose seem to underlie everyone’s struggle with addiction and substance abuse. With each client that I met, I gained a more complete understanding of the collective issue of addiction that plagues our culture. With this ever-increasing body of wisdom around substance abuse, it was an easy choice for me to collaborate with Mark to create a wellness center in Toronto that would offer a holistic approach to treating addiction. It is with great honor, that I became the clinical director and co-founder of Helix Healthcare Group. I look forward to helping you on your own healing journey. 

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