Our Approach

We believe that successful treatment is not only about recovery but rediscovery. It’s a part of our big picture approach to both mental health and addiction. By helping clients to understand the biological, mental and social causes of their addiction we offer them a guided path to a healthier, happier and more balanced life. Ranging from just a few sessions a week to a more intensive format, our team will design a personalized program to help you stop the cycle of addiction and start a new beginning.

At Helix Healthcare Group, we look beyond the addiction to address the root causes and create lasting change.

- Jesse Hanson, Clinical Director

Lasting results

Out-patient care offers many advantages over residential treatment. When a client participates in a program and resides overnight at the same facility, they can experience a ‘safety bubble’. For many, this affects their ability to deal with their addiction in the context of their everyday lives. The threat of maladjustment after leaving residential treatment may seriously hinder any prospects for long-term recovery and increase their changing of returning to old, destructive habits.

Less time away

Our programs excel in striking a healthy balance between safety, integrity, and integration. We work closely with our clients to deepen their understanding of their addiction and then practice dealing with triggers in their daily lives. Clients then return to discuss specific challenges with the therapeutic team and address any problems that may arise. In doing so, we teach our clients to live a sober and satisfying life while engaged in their day-to-day activities and relationships.

Lower costs

Not only do our tailor-made solutions enable our clients to remain in the comfort of their own home while getting the treatment they need, our intensive outpatient program is significantly less expensive than residential treatment. Beyond that, our clients benefit from more individual and less group therapy sessions than the any other treatment program in Canada.



tick_01Individualized approach with a focus on one-on-one therapy cross_01Dependence on group therapy sessions
cross_01Believes it’s possible to rewire the brain, re-write old destructive patterns, and break free from the cycles of addiction tick_01Believes that addiction is disease-based and incurable
tick_01Views every client as whole and complete, regardless of the stage of recovery they are in cross_01Uses labels such as addict, alcoholic or diseased
tick_01Successful treatment is about self-realization. By working through held trauma, emotional wounds and physical imbalances, we offer clients a guided path to a more balanced life cross_01Successful treatment is about “overpowering” addiction through willpower and sheer determination
tick_01Non-religious, however accepts and respects all personal beliefs and customs cross_01Religious affiliation incorporated and mandated in treatment
tick_01Implements a tailor-made program with individualized therapeutic care cross_01One size-fits-all program, regardless of specific recovery needs and circumstances
tick_01Four levels of aftercare support customized to meet your needs cross_01Limited or infrequent aftercare support options
tick_01Empowers you with tools to recreate your life with confidence cross_01Teaches you that you are powerless over your addiction
tick_01Uses a multi-faceted therapeutic approach with neuropsychology, mindfulness techniques and body-oriented therapies cross_01Therapeutic approach based on Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT)
tick_01Family work is integrated into the recovery process for optimal and long-term healing cross_01Limited or optional family involvement
cross_01Addresses the underlying trauma and pain behind the destructive behaviour(s) cross_01Treats the addiction as the primary problem
tick_01Groups are led by licensed professionals with hundreds of hours of therapeutic experience cross_01Groups often led by unlicensed individuals with only personal experience

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