Self-Acceptance – Taming the Inner Critic

Most of us have a well-developed inner tyrant voice that, like a harsh taskmaster, keeps us in check and berates us for any perceived missteps on our quest for perfection. This inner critic is often the internalized voice of someone from our past, who may have had our best interests at heart, but delivered the message in a shaming and critical way. This voice is not our friend. It keeps us small and sabotages our confidence while eroding our self-esteem.

We can take steps to free ourselves from the inner saboteur:

Bring awareness to the inner critic, often identified by the harsh, shaming, critical language it employs.

Notice its message and begin to stand up to it’s lies. Argue in your own defense, and make it “talk to the hand”, as you choose to not listen any longer.

Finally replace those negative messages with words of support, encouragement and kindness. “It’s ok to make mistakes, I’m doing the best I can, I really am good at what I do and have a lot to offer.”

Evicting the inner critic not only allows us to be more gentle and accepting of ourselves, increasing our confidence sense of enjoyment, but in turn we become less judgmental and more accepting of those around us.


By David Scammell


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