Dr. Hanson Discusses Mental Health, Trauma & Addiction

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with a good friend, Tommy Rosen, for an interview with Recovery 2.0. on the topic of trauma – what it is, and more importantly, how we can heal from it. The response was overwhelmingly positive and today I would like to share that interview with you. On the cusp of Bell Let’s Talk, I would also like to share a bit of my own history so that we can continue the conversation on mental health, trauma and addiction.

Many years ago, I was what I would refer to as a “sleepwalker”. I was just doing what is socially prescribed and accepted – in other words, what I ‘should’ do. I began to study Philosophy in College and Undergrad, which helped me to open my mind a bit, but I still didn’t feel like I was ‘connected’ to my body at all.

Then, in the continuing process of awakening, I was hit by a number of overwhelming challenges. Within a short time frame, I found out that my (now ex) wife was having an affair, a friend betrayed me in a business that we had started together, and my father passed away. This all occurred over a 6-month period in my life. I basically did what a lot of people do in the face of overwhelming grief and emotion: I turned to drugs and alcohol to cope, to deal, to get through.

I feel blessed that a couple of years later I met and began to work with a Native American teacher, as well engage in a body-centered therapy (somatic psychotherapy) that began to teach me how to control the fast-pace of my anxious mind and emotionally connect to my body. Slowly but surely, I dug myself out of that dark place. My personal journey, as well as my professional research in the field of neuropsychology, taught me that the body is a vehicle to connect to the psyche and the soul. Healing can not (and does not) exist in the mind alone. These are the same innovative therapies that we use today at Helix Healthcare Group.

I encourage you to watch the interview as you continue your own healing journey. If your time is limited, please feel free to watch it in segments, or access the transcript below the video. Here is the link:

You can also access the transcript here: Recovery 2.0_Transcript_Dr Jesse Hanson

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