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Integrating the science of neuropsychology with
the art of mindfulness for optimal mental health

Paving A Path of Excellence

At Helix Healthcare Group, we want to spark excitement and creativity in your employees so they are more present, more productive, and more cohesive as a group. In other words, we want to change the water cooler conversation – and it begins with the mental and physical health of your team. The results? Lower absenteeism, higher job satisfaction and work productivity, higher employee retention, lower health care costs and happier employees.

We understand that the needs of each department, and particularly each employee, may be different. Beyond our seminar and corporate program offerings, we will tailor a solution to fit your needs. This may incorporate individual assessments, and therapeutic support within our private facility. Whether you are an entrepreneur, or a director of a large human resources team, we want to help you and your team achieve their full potential. Bring the Helix Difference into your workplace today.

Clinical Research

Helix Healthcare Group is constantly evolving to ensure that we bring our clients the latest evidence-backed methods to help them break through destructive patterns and achieve their goals. We are helping to advance North American research with clinical studies that investigate holistic methods of reducing stress and anxiety. Recently, we partnered with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology for a published study on the impact of music therapy on mood.

Team Building Events

We would be happy to host your corporate group at our world-class boutique treatment facility, located at Yonge & Eglinton. Depending on the preferred length of time for the event, we can customize any number of lectures, as well as incorporate a mind, body & sound session in our large, Zen Yoga room. Contact us today for a customized group experience.

Corporate Workshops

Our seminar leaders have traveled internationally, presenting topics that empower participants to reduce anxiety, lower stress and improve productivity. Whether it is a small group of 10-15 or a crowd of 100 or more, the signature Helix style, energy and innovative techniques will have participants singing praises for weeks.

Helix Interactive Lecture Series

A Neuroscience-Based Approach to Mental Health and Wellness (60 minutes)

This interactive seminar looks at how our brain works, through the lens of neuroscience. What makes us tick – or specifically, think, act and react the way we do? The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for logic, thinking and analysis. Meanwhile, the right side of the brain focuses on emotions, intuition and bodily sensations. Discover practical tools to address both sides of the brain to effectively manage stress, anxiety, depression and more. Includes a live sound therapy demo and relaxation exercise.

Session leaders: Shannon Axler (MSW, RSW), Assistant Clinical Director & Philip Jacobs, Sound Therapist

Happiness Training: Manifesting Positivity in Your Life (60, 90 or 120 minutes)

Research that was completed at the Charles Greer Institute revealed that we approximately 50,000 thoughts a day -an average of 70% of those thoughts are negative. What if you could consciously program your mind to be happy?

Through happiness training, you will experience a variety of experiential exercises that will enable you to learn how to maximize the power of your mind to create the foundation for a happier life. Based on the latest research in neuroscience, you will learn how the subconscious mind works, how it may be working against you, and what to do to get it thinking in the right direction. Experiential exercises will empower you to uncover subconscious belief systems, develop appropriate self-dialogue and hardwire your brain for positivity.

Seminar leaders: Donald Currie, Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner


Mindfulness in The Office: A Competitive Edge in Business (60 or 90 minutes)

Mindfulness – the practice of cultivating deliberate, focused attention on the present moment – can bring focus, authenticity, and intention to the practice of leadership. Simply put, our brains are not equipped to handle the 11-plus million bits of information arriving at any given moment. For the sake of efficiency, we tend to make new decisions based upon old frames, memories, or associations.

Through mindfulness practice, a person is able to notice how the mind reacts to thoughts, sensations, and information, seeing past the old storylines and habitual patterns that unconsciously guide behavior.  This creates space to deliberately choose how to speak and act. Join Dr. Jesse Hanson and team as he explores ‘whole-brain’ thinking and a more mindful way of being – both personally and professionally. Discover methods to improve business intuition, build present moment awareness, and strengthen decision making.

Session leaders: Dr. Jesse Hanson, Clinical Director

Metta-tation for Health, Happiness & Success (60 minutes)

‘Metta’ is the Buddhist word for loving kindness. In this seminar, Dr Jesse Hanson will discuss the art and science of self-love in order to positively influence your health, your attitude and your environment. The focus is on four areas: loving yourself, acknowledging your inner child, appreciation for those who love you, and forgiving those who have treated your wrong. Dr. Hanson will also take participants through a 15 minute ‘meta-tation’ journey. This is an empowering and engaging seminar that is designed to improve group dynamics, cooperation and creativity. No prior experience of meditation is required.

Session leaders: Dr. Jesse Hanson, Clinical Director & Philip Jacobs, Sound Therapist

Brain Science: Creating Conscious & Subconscious Change for Maximum Results (60 minutes)

Learn how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind using hypnotherapy. This 1-hour workshop will demystify hypnosis through a discussion regarding the latest research in brain neuroplasticity. You will learn how hypnotherapy can empower you to release emotions, balance the mind and body, think more positively and much more. You will also experience a gentle journey using live hypnosis and visualization to de-stress and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Seminar leaders: Donald Currie, Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner

The Road Back From Trauma for Healthcare Practitioners (60 Minutes)

In this interactive seminar, Dr. Jesse Hanson will focus on redefining, and healing from trauma. We will look at trauma through different lenses, following the path, of both developmental and acute trauma, as the psyche reacts and copes leading to dissociation and PTSD. As practitioners, not only do you deal with people in the heart of trauma and shock; you also must navigate trauma on a daily basis while on the job. Dr. Hanson will illuminate the steps necessary to begin the road back from trauma. He will cover the importance of stabilization and integration, along with steps to take during a traumatic event so that practitioners can process trauma more effectively, both personally and professionally. The seminar will also include a live sound therapy demo, which is a unique therapeutic intervention to promote relaxation and healing on a cellular level.

Session leaders: Dr. Jesse Hanson, Clinical Director

Helix Mind, Body & Movement Seminar Series

Align the Spine for Health, Inner Harmony & Confidence (60 minutes)

Your spine influences more than just the surrounding muscles. As Amy Cuddy outlined in her now famous TED Talk, your body language shapes who you are. Good posture can change your life – and certainly impact your health. Led by Dr. Jesse Hanson, this seminar will teach you about the structural organization of your body, with a special emphasis on building a healthy spine and combatting the effects of a desk job. This action-oriented experience incorporates Qi Gong, Breathwork, Applied Kinesiology and Yoga to keep your spine strong and your mood positive. Includes a 15-minute lecture and 45-minute interactive component.

Session leaders: Dr. Jesse Hanson, Clinical Director & Philip Jacobs, Sound Therapist

Embodying Team Support (60 minutes)

This seminar will help you understand the importance of teamwork in the workplace, on both an intellectual and physical level. Collaboration is not only reflected in how you act and react to those around you, but also in how you express yourself physically and energetically. Dr. Jesse Hanson integrates modern-day neuroscience with interpersonal relationships and simple movement-based exercises in this engaging and interactive session. Ideal for groups of 6 – 50 individuals.

Session leaders: Dr. Jesse Hanson, Clinical Director

Helix Mind, Body & Sound Experience (60 minutes)

Sound therapy is a unique therapeutic intervention that integrates the use of specially tuned instruments to create shifts in the human nervous system. It uses the healing power of music and sound to create body awareness, insight, and relaxation. Based in the science of quantum physics and the power of vibration, sound therapy treats the brain and body at the cellular level. Using a variety of live musical instruments tuned to 432Hz, a ‘sound bath’ is designed to access both the right and left hemispheres of the brain and help you evolve into a healthier, relaxed and balanced state of being. In this mind, body and sound session, Philip Jacobs will take the group on an unforgettable, stress-reducing experience. Find out more about sound therapy here.

Philip Jacobs, Sound Therapist, Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Office Chair Yoga (60 minutes)

For many people, work and stress are intertwined. Join Helix’s Yoga and Mindfulness Specialist to discover ways to integrate yoga while seated at your desk. Sitting most of the day, staring at a computer screen contributes to low back discomfort, a stiff neck, sore eyes and tight hips and shoulders.  Learn simple movements and breathing techniques that will help interrupt tension, invite ease and restore energy and focus. Movements can be done seated and standing and your very own chair or desk can be used as a prop.  This interactive session is appropriate for anyone to try.

One of Helix’s Yoga Instructor & Movement Therapists

“Our relationship to stress can be changed. Neuroscience shows us that the brain can be rewired – even if these patterns and habits have been built into our system from long ago”

Dr. Jesse Hanson, Co-Founder & Clinical Director