Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The Helix Healthcare Group Inc. values client privacy and takes every reasonable measure necessary to protect client privacy as we strive to deliver exceptional service.

The Helix Healthcare Group Inc. (“Helix”) is a health information custodian under applicable privacy legislation and is accountable for the handling of client personal health information by its employees and contractors who are authorized to handle personal information on its behalf.

This policy sets out expectations that are binding on employees and contractors who handle personal information on Helix’s behalf.


Collection of Personal Health Information

We collect personal health information directly from clients or from the person acting on a client’s behalf.

The personal health information that we collect may include, for example, name, date of birth, address, health history, records of visits and the treatments received during visits.  Occasionally we collect personal health information from other sources, such as diagnostic imaging facilities, if we have obtained consent, or if the law permits.

Uses and Disclosures of Personal Health Information

We ordinarily use and disclose personal health information:

  • To provide treatment and care, including by sharing health information with all practitioners within the “circle of care”.

We also use and disclose personal health information:

  • to obtain payment for treatment and care (from HCAI, WSIB, your private insurer, or others as the law permits),
  • to plan, administer and manage our internal operations,
  • to conduct risk management and quality improvement activities,
  • for teaching staff to provide health care, and
  • to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and fulfill other purposes permitted or required by law.


Our Privacy Officer

A senior company officer has been appointed as the Privacy Officer at Helix. The Privacy Officer is responsible for (a) facilitating the our compliance with law, (b) ensuring that everyone who performs services for us is appropriately informed of their duties, (c) responding to inquiries about our information practices and (d) responding to requests for access to or correction of a record of personal health information, and (e) receiving complaints from the public about our privacy practices or handling of personal health information.

Please contact our Privacy Officer at with any questions. If you have a concern about our compliance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act, you may also contact the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario at

Our Commitment

We protect personal health information in accordance with the Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and all other applicable laws.

We take all reasonable steps to protect personal health information from theft, loss and unauthorized access, copying, modification, use, disclosure and disposal.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that everyone who performs services for us accesses, uses and discloses personal health information only as authorized and required.

We collect and use the minimum amount of personal health information required to provide care and treatment or to facilitate care and treatment.

We minimize the retention of personal health information subject to legal and operational requirements

We conduct audits and investigations to monitor and mange our privacy compliance.

Clients may access and/or request that corrections be made to personal health information in our custody. Clients may also withdraw their consent for some of the above uses and disclosures (subject to legal obligations) by contacting our Privacy Officer.

Our Employees and Contractors:

  • Refrain from accessing, using, disclosing and otherwise handling personal health information unless needed to meet a work-related responsibilities to Helix
  • Take reasonable steps to protect personal health information from loss, theft or unauthorized access, use and disclosure
  • Take reasonable care in creating records of personal health information so they are likely to be accurate and complete
  • Only access, process, and transmit personal health information using authorized hardware, software and other equipment.
  • Comply with the ethical and practice standards of their applicable profession or professions and all applicable laws
  • Promptly report any violations of the above rules and any suspected loss or theft of personal health information to the Clinical Director, Assistant Clinical Director, VP-Administration and CEO.

Helix is committed to helping its employees and contractors understand and meet these duties. Helix may change this policy from time to time. It will provide its employees and contractors with notice of changes, which will be immediately binding.

“We empower our clients with the tools, treatments and
techniques to achieve complete wellness.”

– Mark Rivkin, CEO and Founder