New Moon Wisdom, Tips For Creating Self Connection


I am an energy medicine woman and the Founder of Samhara Reiki who is pleased to be a part of the healing environment at Helix Healthcare Group.

Thanks to the prompting of dear Charlotte Brammer, I am writing to share a message of guidance with you. It comes from my guides that speak through me in the form of a transmission. Some people would refer to this as a channeling. I like to think of a transmission as a type of channeling, the distinguishing factor being that I am fully present during the process of transmitting the words. (Some channels black out and don’t remember the message, so this is an important distinction).

When listening to this, I advise you to note the following things:

– There is healing energy embedded in not only the words themselves, but how they are said. Just like different sounds and tones are healing, the words are embedded with particular frequencies due to the tonalities of the accent. This form of text absorbs best when you read it out loud to yourself. The words have their own rhythm. Let your body take them in, and take your time going through this! 

– Simply take what resonates and leave the rest.

Shelly Burton
Samhara Reiki Founder + Ceremonial Master

Blessings beloved

On this continuation on the energies of the new moon, let yourself merge into a new understanding of yourself. What does that even mean? It means stepping back and letting your heart for once be discovered. But I know my heart don’t I?

We are talking about the deeper vibrational impermanent and permanent essence that you are – we wish to correct that…. we are talking about the deeper levels of you, which are permanently there. Beyond form, beyond time, beyond wishes, demands, needs, work, children, whatever.

You see the heart is very still. It is patient, it is quiet.

You see the heart is very still. It is patient, it is quiet. Yes, it beats, the beating can soothe us. Can you let yourself be reminded of the comfort of a steady heartbeat? Perhaps it is lying on the chest of a partner, hearing the beating heart of a newborn child, or tuning into the heartbeat of a pet. Maybe it’s taking a moment just to feel your own heart, and relax into its vibration. Letting yourself slow down. It is not a slowing down in terms of a loss of efficiency, this is misconception. It is a slowing down into a presence where you are ok, held, loved and supported.

And so your needs and your wishes can then begin to come from this place, as you become familiar with the heart vibration and comfortable in it. This can take you out of the mad circuitry of needing to go fast according to the needs of the mind; only to never be satisfied.

So we ask that you simply take a moment again to honor this heart vibration and let yourself sink into it. Notice how you feel afterwards. I would love to hear from you.

That is all, Thank you.

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