Men’s Mental Health: Why Don’t Dad’s Cry?

Years ago, I woke up hungover and knee deep in the sorrow of my own recent divorce. Up until then, I had cheated, I had lied and I lived mostly for me. Some part of me ached to be a good man, a real man. I’m not sure how but at that time teachers showed up in my life and crossed my path. They helped me to see that if I looked hard enough in the garbage pile of my own past I would find the gold for my future and for the man that I wanted to be. Through them, I learned that our past influences who we become, how we see the world, and how it shapes our brain.

My personal story is that my dad left when I was five years old. I was bullied countless times in different schools and I was molested by a man when I was 12 years old. All of this got in the way of who I wanted to become and it all shaped my brain. I wrote the book, Why Don’t Dads Cry, to provide other men with a roadmap to find their way so that can become the man they want to be and have the life that they want to have. Watch the video below or read more here>

Michael Strait is a Life Coach at Helix Healthcare Group, Group Facilitator for the Conscious Masculinity Program, and author of the newly released, ‘Why Don’t Our Dad’s Cry’, available through

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