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Jesse Hanson stopped by the studio at ProudFM to discuss Helix Healthcare Group and their groundbreaking programs for addiction, substance abuse and mental health issues.

103 Proud FM. This is the Chris Howson show and joining me in the study is Jesse Hanson from the Helix Healthcare Group. Jesse how are you doing? Very well, thank you Chris. Thank you so much for coming in today. Pleasure man. And congratulations are in order because Helix Healthcare Group has been open for about two weeks now and it’s going awesome. It is. It’s going very beautifully, we’ve got people coming in for everything from intensive programs to just a few hours a week. Whether they’re needing deep care for an addiction or whether they’re just interested in their own evolution and healing.

So if you could sum up what Helix Healthcare Group is all about what would it be? Helix Healthcare Group, we’re game changers, we want to erase the stigma around mental health, addiction and trauma resolution. Take off the stigma that’s been placed in culture that this is somehow shameful or bad, that we want it to become more accessible, and that we also present it in a way that doesn’t use labels or putting people in boxes.

“We want to erase the stigma around mental health, addiction and trauma resolution.”

Well I know that there are a lot of people out there that would be wondering at what point do you decide that you need help. I imagine that’s a very personal thing that you have to experience for yourself, but in your experience with working with people with mental issues and addiction, what point is that? The line I would ask myself or anyone else to draw inside their self is, am I stuck or am I moving backwards in life? Then I need to ask for some support and diagnosis. And that’s exactly what you guys are there for. That’s exactly what we’re here for.

And what kind of programs do you offer there? Helix Healthcare Group offers two primary programs: Spectrum Recovery and Catalyst Wellness. Spectrum Recovery specializes in the treatment of addiction and substance abuse, and it ranges in intensity from 5 hours a week up to 25 or even more hours a week of treatment. And we also offer the most highly individualized treatment in Canada. Each person that comes in will do a consultation and individualize their treatment program, which could include Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Massages, Acupuncture, Sound Therapy, and Life Coaching. There’s a whole team of people that work together with us. The other program is Catalyst Wellness, and the Catalyst Wellness program is for anyone and everyone that’s interested in their own evolution and healing. That contains the same team of people or it could be specialized or individualized to just a few of those team members working with you.

“We don’t label people, we don’t put them in a disease or disorder box, we look at them as whole and complete, yet they need to understand why they’re doing these destructive behavior patterns.”

I’m glad you brought up the individuality of it because all these things, all these issues, and it’s such a personal thing. You can’t treat them the same for every single person because not every person deals with it the same way or experiences it the same way so I’m really glad to hear that you have such an individual program. Thanks man, and it’s in pretty stark contrast to what’s out there, most treatment programs that people go into rely, if not entirely, almost entirely on groups. Groups are wonderful, they’re very helpful and like you said, everyone’s got their own individual story going on that, needs to be addressed individually, so without having someone working with you one-on-one, you’re not going to get to address the underlying issues that answer the question, “why am I doing what I’m doing.” And again, we don’t label people, we don’t put them in a disease or disorder box, we look at them as whole and complete, yet they need to understand why they’re doing these destructive behavior patterns; sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, worrying, thinking, relationships with food, you know it’s quite a gamut of addictive behaviors that exist in human culture right now.

You’re such an open minded person and I’m really glad you’re involved in a program like this and this area of healthcare because there are so many people who are in this area of healthcare that don’t think like you. What made you want to get involved? Well first of all, I’ll say that I moved here from California so I have that California open mindedness you might say. Yes you do give off the air. I think I can smell the Pacific breeze. Ha-ha, awesome. You know it was really my own healing path. In my early 20’s I went through a really intense divorce and my father passed away right in the same 6-month period. I had my own dance with substance abuse and I realized that going about it the traditional way, labeling myself, putting myself in a box wasn’t getting me anywhere. I had to start digging deeper, I had to start understanding why I was doing what I was doing. So I have to say it was my own path that has brought me to this point and I think that being in California helped me because there is such an open spectrum of opportunities for healing including what my degree is — in Neuroscience. That’s what I also love about Helix Healthcare Group, that everything we do is based in Neuroscience delivered with compassion, meaning that everything we’re doing has a scientific underpinning and yet we present it in a very human, relatable, heartfelt way.

Which is wonderful, because those two usually don’t go together, it’s usually the black, white, world of science where you know the warm fuzzy world of human emotions so to be able to combine those in a way like that is really wonderful. Definitely man, thank you for appreciating that. So if you want more information, you guys are located right in the heart of Yorkville which is really convenient, beautiful location and if you want more information, then the website is and their specific programs and Thanks so much for coming in today Jesse.

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