Am I Rooted? How to Improve Your Health in 3 Steps

Why being rooted or grounded is important:
Of all the mammals, humans are the only species that have a full contact with the ground; the heel bone of the others do not touch the ground. Therefore, they have no individuality and they are still ruled and controlled by the higher spirit of their animalistic group.

We can see children who are having a fit and crying, they go on the tip of their toes, a reason to make them more airy and not listen, as if they are ready to fly.
Usually children take full contact with the floor at the age of 3, at that same age, they start using “I want” instead of saying their name. It is a proper example of the expression of their individuality. Also at that same age, the arch of the foot starts to be shaped, which have a very spiritual meaning as well.

So the question is, how do you become physically grounded?
Many techniques are there, but the most ancient ones are forgotten, and people always need the easy and accessible.

1st technique:
An easy way to start your day, is to feel how your body weight is dispersed on your feet. Is it mainly on your toes, middle arch or on your heals? Feeling that is a great start for the day, and can give you more stamina to stay focused and achieve daily goals. This won’t take more than 30 seconds.

2nd technique:
If you are struggling with getting in tune with your body, you can start by brushing your body, or having a shower with a rough loofa. Be sure to feel where it is painful and where the skin is tight and so on. That is an amazing technique as we may discover some areas where the energy is blocked. You can then unblock it by using this technique, and by putting more awareness in that spot.

3rd technique:
Sit on the floor, and let your first chakra touch the floor, and feel the Kundalini rising from your 1st to the 7th Chakra. This is a total junction between the earth and the human soul through the vessel which is the body. With this technique, the body will be the bearer of the pure cosmo-telluric energy, or electro-magnetic energy, as the earth gives magnetism, and the cosmos gives electricity. The old generation always had couches on the floor, and we still find it in some areas of the world.

Being Rooted is to have full awareness of where we are, and more so, a full FEELING of where we are, even in our own body. If you have a headache or a body ache then applying any of the above techniques will disperse the energy to different locations of the body, and release the stagnation. This is what I call the Power of Grounding, which helps you live in the moment and develop a strong relationship with not only your body, but your Self.

By Elias Abdel Ahad.

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