Mental Mindset Tools: Waking Meditation

Recently, Harvard University unveiled an MRI study proving that meditation literally rebuilds the brain’s gray matter in 8 short weeks. This is fantastic news for those who meditate, but what if you haven’t yet mastered the art of ‘Om’? The Helix team, including Jesse, Philip and Donald recently got together to create a gift for you. It bridges together hypnotherapy and sound therapy and is designed to relax your body, boost your brain power and lower stress. Here’s a quick introduction:

Are you ready to start the meditation? In less than 8 minutes you will be well on your way to less stress, reduced anxiety and more confidence. Best of all, you can do it right in the middle of your workday or even as a quick refuge during the day.

We would love to hear your feedback! Once you listen to it please send us a note and let us know what you think.

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