Green Up Your Environment

What does greening up your environment mean exactly? A harsh reality we are all dealing with today is that we are living on this planet in what has become a toxic soup of chemicals. These chemicals are in our food supply, cleaning products, hygiene products, air we breath etc. More so, they are contributing to our health challenges on many levels.

When I first began learning about the chemicals that surround our daily lives I remember being incredibly overwhelmed. When I first became enlightened to these issues and began looking at all the chemicals in my home cleaning products, shampoos, toothpastes, and foods I initially became paralyzed in my ability to act and shift to healthier choices and products. What moved me out of overwhelm and into action was being able to break the process down into simple easy steps.

Each area of the house became a project and a work in progress. I meticulously went through  my home; kitchen and bathroom being the most important, and made note of every food item, cleaning supply and hygiene product that had chemicals in them. These were now on my list of items that I would use up one last time and bless them out of my home.  The next part becomes a new a fun exploration to learn about and discover organic foods, cleaning supplies and hygiene products that are created without chemicals that will integrate well into a conscious healthy lifestyle. The key is to be patient through this process as it does take time. Greening up your environment is an important step towards intentional self-care. Start today and have fun with the process.

P.S. Watch the entertaining video below to learn how we are being misled so that you can become more conscious of misleading marketing tactics.

By Ross McKenzie, Life Coach, Public Speaker and Producer 

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