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Helix Events

Book Launch: Why Don’t Our Dads Cry

DATE:September 14th
TIME:7:00pm - 9:00pm
LOCATION:Helix Healthcare Group

Join us for a celebration and insightful conversion on fostering conscious masculinity in our society. Speakers include author, life coach and facilitator of the Conscious Masculinity Group, Michael Strait, Dr. Jesse Hanson and more.

Michael shares his story on why he wrote, Why Don’t Dads Cry?

“Years ago, I woke up hungover and knee deep in the sorrow of my own recent divorce. Up until then, I had cheated, I had lied and I lived mostly for me. Some part of me ached to be a good man, a real man. I’m not sure how but at that time teachers showed up in my life and crossed my path.

Through them, I learned that our past influences who we become, how we see the world, and how it shapes our brain.

My dad left when I was five years old. I was bullied countless times in different schools. All of this got in the way of who I wanted to become and it all shaped my brain.

I wrote the book, Why Don’t Our Dads Cry, to provide other men with a road map to find their way so that can become the man they want to be and have the life that they want to have. ”

Watch his story here.

Join Helix at The Wellbeing at Work Event

Helix Healthcare Group is pleased to support The Wellbeing at Work event on October 19th at the Yorkville Conference Centre in Toronto. As a friend of Helix, you can receive a significant discount to attend this unique event.

The Wellbeing at Work Event is a one-day conference for HR professionals and business leaders to learn from experts and peers about the latest wellbeing initiatives, successes, and research that is enhancing individual and organizational performance in companies across Canada.

It is now internationally recognized that a happy, healthy and engaged workforce improves productivity, reduces absenteeism and helps attract and retain talent so it is essential that companies make workplace wellbeing a top priority.

The Event will include a program of influential speakers, debating panels, workshops and networking sessions where delegates can ask questions, exchange ideas and share experiences on a subject that will change the world of work forever.

View the full agenda and topics covered by clicking here.

Friends of Helix Healthcare Group receive a special discount on tickets with code Helix17 (save $150 off!). 

How to Register: Simply go to the event website, follow the links for tickets and enter the discounted code HELIX17 when you are on the ticket buying page to qualify. Please note that this rate can be applied to non-registered delegates only.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your registration, please contact Chris Cummings, Event Director by emailing [email protected]

The Wellbeing at Work event is an international conference that takes place in multiple locations globally including established events in London, San Francisco and the UAE. 


“We empower our clients with the tools, treatments and
techniques to achieve complete wellness.”

– Mark Rivkin, CEO and Founder