Depression & Mood Disorder Treatment

Depression and Mood Disorders

The emotional spectrum is like a lens through which we view our day-to-day life. Via our emotions, the experiences we have can either be enhanced or hindered, depending on whether we’re in a good mood or a not-so-good mood. The relationship works the other way around, too; positive experiences can make us happy while negative experiences can make us sad or angry. Overall, each of our human emotions are natural, whether we’re angry, annoyed, overjoyed, or sad. However, when an individual experience an intense, unprovoked, uncontrollable emotion, it’s possible that he or she suffers from some type of mood disorder and requires mood disorder treatment.

Mood disorders — i.e., depression, bipolar disorder, seasonal affect disorder, and others — are a category of psychological illnesses with which individuals experience unusual, abrupt, and seemingly inexplicable changes in mood. The most common mood disorder is depression, also known as major depressive disorder. Of course, it’s normal to feel sad or even depressed from time to time, but individuals who suffer from depression often feel intense, debilitating sadness for up to two weeks at a time – and often longer. Most other mood disorders entail relatively long-term bouts of inexplicable mood changes, making treatment of depression and other mood disorders a vital resource.

Helix Healthcare Group offers depression therapy and mood disorder treatment via our mental wellness program, called Helix Mind. Through our bespoke program, individuals experiencing mood-related conditions benefit from our unique blend of cutting-edge Western treatments and Eastern philosophies as part of the journey to total wellness.

Depression, Mood Disorders and You

There are millions of Canadians suffering from depression right now, and half or more aren’t receiving care or treatment. Although the implication is that mood disorders distort an individual’s emotional state, the ramifications of depression and other mood disorders extend far beyond one’s emotions, affecting physical health as well as most other areas of life.

Of all mood disorders, depression is unquestionably the most common, both in Canada and abroad. Generally, it’s estimated that 10 percent of the Canadian population suffers from major depressive disorder, which is characterized by a level of depression that persists for much of the day, impairs concentration, incites feelings of worthlessness, and is noted by a diminished sense of pleasure and fulfillment from previously enjoyable activities. Individuals in need of treatment for depression or other mood disorders are often seriously debilitated by their unstable mood, finding it difficult to care for themselves and spending much of their time in bed or otherwise isolated.

Achieve Emotional Stability with Helix Mind

Unlike other depression treatment centers, Helix Healthcare Group is committed to helping clients to achieve cognitive, emotional, and spiritual wellness through a combination of psychotherapy, neuroscience, and the art of integrative mindfulness. While very effective for mood disorder treatment, our unique mental wellness program — Helix Mind — is an integrative therapeutic regimen with a multidisciplinary, customizable curriculum that addresses the body, mind, and belief system.

As evidence has shown, the best depression therapy is multifaceted, offering a better understanding of the mood disorder while also providing a toolkit for lasting change. To get a better picture of our well-rounded mental health program, visit the Helix Mind page on our website. As well, you may take a moment to learn more about the Helix Difference or contact us today and take the first step toward achieving wellness of body and an awakening of the mind.

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