Conscious Masculinity Process Group

What is consciousness? What does it mean to be aware? Conscious Masculinity is a process of empowerment. It is for every man who wants to develop a stronger sense of self through accountability, purpose, presence and awareness in their lives.

In this weekly process group, men will have the opportunity to come together to reflect on their journey into manhood, and explore what it means to be a conscious male. In a safe, supportive, and closed environment, you will be able to share experiences with stress, anxiety, trauma, addiction and how you relate and respond to the world around you. Using mindfulness and body-centered techniques, you will examine the positive and negative influences of your environment and examine the role models that have shaped your beliefs today. Our Conscious Masculinity Process Group is designed to break down the barriers and beliefs that may be standing in the way of deeper connections to your partner, family, colleagues and community.

Men who’ve attended our sessions report a sense of camaraderie and being understood; these experiences translate into their own lives allowing them to be empowered and connect in their relationships authentically.

This process group will:

Explore the experience of what it is to be a man.
Learn exercises for connecting and aligning with your authentic masculine power.
Deepen your understanding and self-healing of the various rites of passage that men experience.

You will find this process especially beneficial if you:

Would like to become more conscious of your true masculine power.
Grow the courage to set boundaries, face fears, improve resilience, and evolve personally and professionally.
Would like to step more fully into your authentic masculine self.
Desire a deeper sense of being present in your life.
Desire to be more authentic in your role as a partner, father, brother, son and colleague.


“Every week that I attend our group, I get to set myself aside for the time that we’re together. It’s like pushing a reset button for my life. I get to share all my problems in a space of trust and I get solid, sound advice about my life from professionals. It’s like hanging out with my friends and yet I know that I’m going to get truly helpful advice.” – Participant

“In my existence outside of our Monday night group forums there’s a suit of armour that I have in my interactions with others. Our Monday nights are so powerful that I can park that suit of armour at the door and focus on my inner self with other men. It’s an opportunity for others to hear and see the real authentic me and challenge me. It’s a vehicle for the authentic me to go much deeper. I appreciate the cocoon-like safety of the group and that the B.S.that goes along with how men normally are is not there –allowing us to be vulnerable with each other. There is a sense of nurturing in our group. For me, nurturing and masculinity have not gone hand-in-hand and historically I have gone to women for this, and yet here I am with men. This is new and incredibly healthy for me and opens me up to be a more complete human being. I’m starting to dissociate nurturing from sexuality and distilling nurturing down to deep empathy being shared between one human being and another – and that it is not limited to men and women.” – Participant

Join us on Mondays at 6:30pm. For more information or to register, visit

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