Helix Conscious Masculinity

In this weekly process group, men will have the opportunity to come together to reflect on their journey into manhood, and explore what it means to be a conscious male. In a safe, supportive, and closed environment, you will be able to share experiences with stress, anxiety, trauma, addiction and how you relate and respond to the world around you. Using mindfulness and body-centered techniques, you will examine the positive and negative influences of your environment and examine the role models that have shaped your beliefs today.

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"Had an incredible acupuncture experience with Phil yesterday that had immediate (and hopefully lasting!) impacts. I learned a lot about myself and my body in just one session. Compassionate, welcoming staff and really good, safe and clean vibe about this whole place!"
Caitlin G.

“We empower our clients with the tools, treatments and
techniques to achieve complete wellness.”

– Mark Rivkin, CEO and Founder