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Process Groups

Family Dynamics and Relationships

This group will help participants gain a comprehensive understanding of what their family dynamics are and how it has influenced their life. Through the use of interpersonal, emotionally focused and psycho-dynamic psychotherapy, participants will develop a deeper understanding of their relationship to their emotions, why they operate the way they do in relationships and at work, and how their family system has influenced these patterns. This deeper awareness will help participants access tools within themselves to enhance emotional health and build stronger relationships.

Instructor: Jesse Hanson

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Addictions Group

This progressive addictions process group will allow participants to explore their thoughts, feelings and the many challenges that arise around addictive and destructive behavioral patterns. A wide range of therapeutic interventions will be integrated including motivational interviewing, solutions focused work, stages of change theory, relational somatic therapy, neuroscience, psycho-education and relapse prevention work. We see addiction as a complex bio-psycho-social-spiritual phenomena; the topics will range from exploring ambivalence, addressing barriers such as stigma, ego fatigue, shame, post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS), advanced relapse prevention as well as many other concepts.

Instructor: Jefferson Ribout, CCAC

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Authenticity, Presence, and Vulnerability

The process group for addiction will allow participants to explore their feelings, their challenges, and their body-symptoms that arise around addictive and destructive behaviour patterns. A wide range of therapeutic interventions are integrated, including process-oriented conversation, role-playing and somatic experiencing. This process group is beneficial for all stages of the recovery process.

Instructor: David Scammell RP

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Helix Conscious Masculinity

In this weekly process group, men will have the opportunity to come together to reflect on their journey into manhood, and explore what it means to be a conscious male. In a safe, supportive, and closed environment, you will be able to share experiences with stress, anxiety, trauma, addiction and how you relate and respond to the world around you. Using mindfulness and body-centered techniques, you will examine the positive and negative influences of your environment and examine the role models that have shaped your beliefs today. Find out more>

Instructor: Michael Strait

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Marianne Williamson