Our Breakthrough Approach

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and not getting very far, whether it’s in your career, your health, your finances or more? There are many reasons why you may feel ‘stuck’ in life. Our comprehensive approach explores the root causes behind your actions or ‘inaction’, including: self-limiting beliefs, physiological imbalances, unresolved events from the past, and ineffective coping strategies. Working together, our team of professionals will help you pave a new path of excellence.

``Our relationship to stress can be changed. Neuroscience shows us that the brain can be rewired – even if these patterns and habits have been built into our system from long ago.``

Jesse Hanson, Clinical Director

Catalyst Perform

Catalyst Perform is a revolutionary program designed to help you break free from the cycle of complacency, renew your relationships, reinvest in your career and reinvigorate your life. By incorporating cutting-edge techniques, mindfulness practices and neuropsychology we will help you achieve lasting wellness.

Clinical Research

Helix Healthcare Group is constantly evolving to ensure that we bring our clients the latest evidence-backed methods to help them break through destructive patterns and achieve their goals. We are helping to advance North American research with clinical studies that investigate holistic and natural ways of reducing stress and anxiety. Currently, we are working with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology on the impact of music therapy on mood.

Corporate Seminars & Workshops

Our Clinical Director and Co-Founder, Dr. Jesse Hanson, has traveled internationally presenting topics that empower participants to reduce anxiety, lower stress and improve productivity. Whether it is a small group of 10-15 or a crowd of 100 or more, his style, energy and innovative techniques will have participants singing praises for weeks. View Dr. Hanson’s Bio.

Seminar: Metta-tation for Health, Happiness & Success (60 minutes)

pscyhot_somatic-300x200‘Metta’ is the Buddhist word for loving kindness. In this seminar Jesse Hanson will discuss the art and science of self-love in order to positively influence your health, your attitude and your environment. The focus is on four areas: loving yourself, acknowledging your inner child, appreciation for those who love you, and forgiving those who have treated your wrong.

Jesse will also take participants through a 15 minute ‘meta-tation’ journey. This is an empowering and engaging seminar that is designed to improve group dynamics, cooperation and creativity. No prior experience of meditation is required.

Seminar: Balancing Stress with Mindfulness Techniques (60 minutes)

mindfulness_01This seminar delves right into our ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ response, also known as our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. An imbalance between these two not only causes symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety and muscular tightness – it also plays a key role in many health conditions. Jesse teaches attendees how to track physical reactions to stress as well as cognitive thoughts.

By practicing a mindful approach to embodiment (the act of ‘being in the body’) participants can learn how to navigate emerging emotions and regulate their stress levels. Participants walk away with tools they can immediately put into practice.

Seminar: A Neuroscience-Based Approach to Stress Management (60 or 90 Minutes)

Life_Purpose-300x200Lawyers and business professionals lead hectic, busy and stressful lives. Jesse will introduce you to a neuroscience-based approach to mindfulness and stress reduction that creates lasting change.

Attendees will be learn different methods to reduce stress, let go of daily anxieties and clear blockages in the body and mind alike. Participants will also be treated to a unique stress-reducing experience: sound therapy. Using a variety of live musical instruments tuned to 432Hz, sound therapy is designed to access parts of your brain to promote a healthier, relaxed and balanced state of being. View a video on the science of sound therapy. 

``Excellent, enjoyable course. Very positive experience. Enjoyed the interactive nature.``

Recent participant, Jan. 22nd.

Seminar: The Road Back From Trauma for Professionals

In this one hour interactive seminar, Dr. Jesse Hanson will focus on redefining, and healing from, trauma. We will look at trauma through different lenses, following the path of both little and big trauma as the psyche reacts and copes leading to dissociation and PTSD. As first responders healthcare professionals, not only do you deal with people in the heart of trauma and shock; you also must navigate trauma on a daily basis while on the job. Dr. Hanson will illuminate the steps necessary to begin the road back from trauma. He will cover the importance of stabilization and integration, along with steps to take during a traumatic event so that participants can learn to process trauma more effectively, both personally and professionally. The seminar will also include a live sound therapy demo, which is a unique therapeutic intervention to promote relaxation and healing on a cellular level.

Corporate Wellness Series: Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

pscyhot_somatic-300x200 In this 9 session series, Dr. Hanson will take your employees on a journey of mindfulness, self-discovery and stress reduction. Topics include the following:

Session 1 – Neuroscience and Mindfulness
Session 2 – Stress and Mindfulness
Session 3 – Practical Tools and Techniques to De-stress
Session 4 – Mindfulness Within the Community
Session 5 – Mindfulness and the Unconscious Mind
Session 6 – Mindfulness and the Body
Session 7 – Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence
Session 8 – Mindfulness and Right Brain Activation
Session 9 – Mindfulness and Creating your Vision

Sessions can be conducted weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. Contact us for a detailed description of the series and more information on how we can customize a seminar, or program to suit the wellness needs of your organization.



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