Canadian Mental Health Workforce Statistics

How is Your State of Mental Health at Work?

Mental health issues affect all Canadians at some point in their life, whether it is directly or through association with a friend or family member. It certainly does not discriminate and affects people of all cultures, of all ages and of all income levels.

In society today there is still a stigma linked to mental health that creates a great obstacle for those who need to seek treatment. Awareness is the first step towards getting the support that you need to create a healthier, more balanced life.

Awareness, understanding and compassion go a very long way in all situations; try to remember this as you interact with others at home, school or work.

Canadian mental health workforce statistics

4% of the Canadian workforce is currently experiencing mental health issues
500,000 Canadian employees miss work each day due to mental health issues
30% of disability claims are due to mental health problems
77% of employees fear discussing their illness with their employer
$51+ Billion is the annual economical cost that is impacted by mental illness in Canada

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