Bipolarized – The Movie

We are at a critical point in history of how we are looking at a treating mental health challenges. The one dimensional approach of go to your Doctor, express mental health symptoms, receive your diagnosis and start your life long toxic drug therapy is our all too common standard form of care. This treatment protocol is potentially dangerous and causing a great deal of harm to individuals and society as a whole.

Bipolarized is a documentary film produced and staring Ross McKenzie along with 90th Parallel Productions and Shaw Media.  The film addresses serious blind spots within our current western medical model of mental health care and intends to start a new conversation about rethinking mental health challenges and treatment.

When there are so many different reasons that a person can be experiencing mental health challenges it only makes sense that we start creating new supportive models of care that address the whole individual and support an integrated model of health care.

Bipolarized is ones mans journey to heal the roots cause of his mental health symptoms and also heal from the trauma and coercion that was experienced while feeling trapped for years in Canada’s traditional mental health system.

This film is a story of perseverance and hope. Today there are millions of people still trapped inside the biomedical model of mental health care and are hungry for alternative ways to explore mental health challenges, heal and ultimately thrive.

Ross McKenzie now lives life symptom free and continues to pursue his passion of raising awareness and offering integrated mental health education and strategies for living a well-balanced life free from mental health disease.

Bipolarized to air across Canada Saturday November 1st at 8pm on Global television.



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