Return to the Inner You – With Aromatherapy

Bitters End is an apothecary shop with a twist and it’s now available at Helix Healthcare Group! Selling a variety of herbalist products aimed to easily enhance one’s life, the products are all-natural, organic, handmade, and vegan. The products are a healthier alternative that feed on the energy of the earth. They promote cleaner living through New Age practices.

Bitters End started as an experimental hobby, deeply rooted in the soul and heritage of its creator, Erikka Vi. Her mother a long-term florist, and her father a retired stone mason; she found inspiration in the form of her family and from growing up with artistic, New Age and dreamy influences.

With an elysian’s heart, she studied many artistic avenues from theatre, interior design and graphic design. Having made a large shift in her careers and spending the last two years working with Helix Healthcare Group, she began her work with interest in becoming a herbalist and aromatherapist to assist in the treatments.

The first step to reaching those goals was expanding her knowledge in her crafts. She reverted back to her roots, and the teachings she had put aside for the modern millennial world, to begin experimenting with opening her mind, heart, and soul. With many long nights researching and practicing, she was encouraged by her support group to produce her work for others.

And so, Bitters End begins.

Bitters End’s essentials promote a clean living that does not harm you or the environment! Through locally/nationally sourced and derived ingredients, channeling, and divination, each and every item inherits blessings of peace and serenity for the user. Though only perfumes and diffuser scents are available in the roster at this time, detox soaks, aromatherapy candles, butters, and more are just around the corner! Bitters End can be found on Instagram @bittersendapothecary




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