Our Approach

Helix Healthcare Group grew out of an unwavering determination to fill a void in the industry for those suffering from addiction, trauma and mental health issues. Today, we are introducing scientifically proven, cutting-edge techniques and wellness therapies into the Canadian landscape for the first time.

Unlike conventional treatments, our comprehensive approach addresses the root cause of the issues – not just the symptoms. With our core programs, Spectrum RecoveryCatalyst Wellness and Helix Medical, we built an innovative treatment model to create lasting, transformational change. Blending the best of Western and Eastern philosophies with cutting-edge neuroscience, we will empower you to create a better future, today.

Our Treatment Model

Our comprehensive approach is about more than recovery – it’s about rediscovery. Regardless of where you are right now in your life, our program is designed to help you move from awareness to action so that you can build an empowered life. At Helix Healthcare Group, we combine our innovative treatment model with integrated therapies, including psychotherapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, massage, sound healing, yoga, and process-oriented group work to help you make choices to change your life for the better. It’s time. We can help.

At Helix Healthcare Group, we help you move from awareness to action so that you can build an empowered life.

- Jesse Hanson, Clinical Director

Benefits of Our Out-Patient Program

document_greenLower Costs:

Our treatment program costs significantly less than in-patient programs, while providing more one-on-one sessions than any other program in Canada.

document_greenLess Time Away:

Our customized solutions let you remain in your home city while getting the treatment you need, without the expense and hassle of travel.

document_greenNo In-Patient Bubble:

Residential treatment programs can create an unrealistic safety net. As a result, when a client returns to their regular environment they often face challenges that impact their long-term recovery.

document_greenTherapist/Client Relationship:

Clients benefit from the support of a core therapeutic team, without needing to transition from in-patient to out-patient care.

document_greenLasting Results:

We teach clients how to live a sober and satisfying life while still engaged in their day-to-day activities and relationships.


Clients receive random drug screens while being able to practice dealing with triggers in their everyday lives.

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