A Step by Step Process to Getting Unstuck


By Nadia Stolpner – Psychotherapist


Being human involves so many ups and downs – we have all had times in our life where we felt stuck or discouraged. For every dream there may be times when you are challenged and for every step forward there may be a place where you get ‘stuck’. This is a very natural process of living. We are individuals and what supports us at a given time will be just as unique. Below I am sharing a snapshot of some tools that have worked well for my clients and my hope is that they assist you on your journey of transformation.

Make a small change in your day to give yourself more energy

Sign up for that yoga or another fitness class of your choice, go for a walk in a park, meet with a person or a group that inspires you, or make your physical surroundings at home more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to be inventive, even if it takes moving your home “office” to a coffee shop. You can also say no to another activity in order to give you space to do this. Whatever you choose, make this a regular activity, happening several times per week to give you the structure of support.

Have a morning practice to feel grateful and to reconnect from a place of beauty

Below is an example of one practice, please use your discretion. It is not to be used when driving or during other times when it is important to pay close attention to the surroundings.

1. Welcome your body into the day (i.e. Yoga/Stretching/Another practice that is best for you)

2. Find a comfortable place to sit or to be
Close your eyes if that feels comfortable
Become aware of your feet and the support of the floor or the ground you stand on
Notice that you are sitting/standing and that there is nothing that you need to do for the next few minutes
Allow yourself to relax

With a kind and caring attitude,
Allow your feet to relax, saying may they be well
Allow your whole body to relax, saying may it be well. You may wish to make this as detailed as you like.
Notice your breath in the belly area
Stay present with your breath, just as it is, for a minute
Say to yourself the following or other phrases that have meaning for you:

May I be healthy
May I be happy
May I have peace

Direct these phrases to others.

3. Give thanks for being able to breath, for being alive or for anything else, no matter how challenging your day is.

Amidst all of what we experience, there is also a sense of Wholeness within
Listen to this sense of wholeness
Listen to the intrinsic Beauty, Well-being and Greatness within you (choose the words that have meaning to you)

When feeling ready, become aware of your feet and the whole body again and open your eyes

4. See how you want to spend your day.

By Nadia Stolpner, Psychotherapist