A Life Coach Can Help You Through the Transition of Divorce

The holiday aftermath is a very sensitive time for families dealing with separation and divorce. Memories tug and the hopeful faces of children opening presents is shattered by the devastation of divorce. Steps must be taken to ensure the healthy transition for all family members.

Letting go of the fairy tale of “happily ever after” is a process. People will rage and deal with their emotions very differently. This is normal and part of a healthy grieving process. A Life Coach can help provide emotional support during this period. Whether it’s helping a family member get comfortable in the reality of “what is” and processing their emotions or helping to provide tools to the family in moving forward with a different life.

Living life without any clear direction for your future can be overwhelming. There is a lot of fear and the threat of danger and hurting others is a very real possibility. Having a coach to help you take your steps into a new beginning is a gift you give to yourself and your family.
They can help with creating a new vision for you and your family. If we don’t have visions as to what we want to achieve in the next act of our life, then how are we ever going to bring it about? A Coach knows where to start and helps bring clarity into focus. The more clarity you have about what you want, the more you are willing to work for it.

To a New Year filled with creative new beginnings!

By Cori Capp

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