A Day at Helix: A New Approach to Mental Health

Liam is an urban city dweller in Toronto. In any given day, he has performance measures to meet, reports to submit, and meetings to attend. After many phone calls, project outlines, a few smoke breaks and a 9.5-hour workday he repeats his 60-minute commute back home. He has just enough time to send off a few work emails and fall asleep to leftover pizza, half a bottle of wine and Netflix. Sound familiar?

Liam’s story isn’t unusual. His day begins with an alarm clock, and ends with a steady accumulation of stress. Add to that family obligations, bills, expenses, and important appointments, it’s no wonder that he is under pressure. What should Liam do when he is ready to reach for help?

At Helix Healthcare Group, we are rethinking the traditional approach to treating mental health, trauma and addiction challenges. By integrating neuropsychology, mindfulness practices and holistic techniques, we treat the whole person – mind and body.

What does a healing journey look like?

Our boutique treatment facility is a sanctuary for healing, offering a supportive environment for Liam to focus on the therapeutic journey ahead. His experience begins with a complimentary one-hour consultation with a senior member of our clinical team. Together, we create a customized treatment plan to support him in his wellness journey. For Liam, it is a short-term, intensive program, followed by 1-2 weekly aftercare sessions to help him stay on track. His program will incorporate leading-edge modalities, such as Somatic Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Sound Therapy, Yoga and more.

The first day of his journey begins

10:00am: His first appointment of the day is with a registered psychotherapist who specializes in somatic (body-centered) psychotherapy, as well as trauma work. He will guide Liam to explore the root causes of his challenges, and bring awareness to dysfunctional habits that are preventing him from living a fulfilling, balanced life.

11:00am: Liam transitions from the mind to the body in a combined sound therapy and acupuncture session to balance and integrate his nervous system. Sound therapy accesses areas of the brain that talk therapy doesn’t reach and fine-tunes the vibrations of the human body for optimal health.

12:00pm: Liam breaks for lunch and relaxes in the client lounge with a nourishing meal and a green tea.

1:00pm: He joins a small process group, led by the clinical director. In a safe, supportive, and closed environment, he feels comfortable sharing his experiences and begins to understand how he relates and responds to the world around him.

2:00pm: Liam’s last session of the day is with a mindful yoga practitioner, who teaches him stress-reducing tools for grounding and calming to be used outside of the session.

Liam finishes the day feeling hopeful. The next day, he will continue a personalized selection of treatments. He knows that our comprehensive, neuroscience-based approach will address the root causes – not just the symptoms.

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