4 Basic Steps to Daily Stress Relief

It’s unfortunate that stress can become such a big part of life. Without being noticed it crawls through the cracks and by the time you realize what’s going on it’s already too late. Alas there is hope, a proven way to reduce stress is to make important changes and to take back the control that you lost.

Here are 4 basic steps to daily stress relief:

Step #1


Even though this may sound somewhat counterproductive, it really isn’t. Before you can fight your enemy you need to know who it is. In this case, you need to find the source of the problem.

The fact of the matter is you play a part in the stress you are feeling, whether you contribute or maintain it. Take a moment to establish when and where stress enters your life. Now, with an objective mind, find out how you are helping it along.

“Apart from helping you to get in shape, it has been proven that exercise assists in getting rid of frustration, anger and more importantly, stress.”

Step #2


Exercise has a lot more benefits than you think. Apart from helping you to get in shape, it has been proven that exercise assists in getting rid of frustration, anger and more importantly, stress.

Start with ten-minute activities and work your way up to a solid thirty-minute workout. Get your body to work up a sweat and reap the benefits throughout the day.

However, becoming more active doesn’t just entail exercise. If putting on some good music and dancing around makes you feel better, then do it. As long as your body is in motion, your stress level will naturally decrease.


Step #3


One of the quickest and most effective stress relievers is socializing. Believe it or not, interacting with people instantly affects the feelings of stress. It has been discovered that cues, such as eye contact, tone of voice and several other aspects of talking with somebody you are comfortable with, can in fact help you cope with high stress levels.

In light of this, make more time with family and friends. Laugh as much as possible and make time in your schedule to have all out fun.

“When your body feels weak, so will your mind.”

Step #4


This one might also be a little hard to believe, but your diet plays a vital role when it comes to coping with stress. In basic terms, when your body feels weak, so will your mind.

Reduce or eliminate stimulants. How much caffeine do you drink on a daily basis? How much sugar do you intake? Do you smoke? Do you eat processed foods?

Substances like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, refined sugars and processed foods will not help you reduce stress, they will actually increase stress levels.

With your new diet make sure to eat a healthy breakfast. The purpose is to keep your energy levels up and to maintain a healthy body. With a healthy body and a healthy mind you will have much more control over what you are feeling.



Stress truly is a silent killer, but it doesn’t have to dictate your life. If you can establish a little discipline and make these changes you are well on your way to reducing stress and increasing happiness.

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