21 Day Challenge: Rewire and Retrain Your Brain

Living a fast paced, busy lifestyle without practicing efficient self-care can lead to higher stress levels. And if you allow your stress levels to remain unchecked it can make your life feel as though it’s a balancing act. The use of powerful mind/body tools such as meditation and self-hypnosis can empower you to master the art of navigating reality while maintaining a positive, calm and relaxed outlook on life.

The benefit of learning to periodically quiet your mind can pay great dividends. Meditation and self-hypnosis help to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, increase serotonin production to improve your mood and behavior, increase your energy levels, improve emotional stability and increase mental clarity and focus.  The more that you practice quieting your mind, the more you will become receptive to all of the healing and balancing that occurs in all the systems of your body, especially your brain function.

Your 21 day challenge

As the benefits of meditation require regular practice, Helix Healthcare Group is proud to present a very special meditation program that has been recorded especially to empower you retrain and rewire your brain. Take time to listen to this program daily for 21 days (3 weeks). It only takes a little over 15 minutes each and every day. Chances are, once you see the benefits and results that listening to this program provides it will quickly become one of the best parts of your daily experience. Perceive this time each day as an opportunity to strengthen, nourish and enrich yourself.

If you are short on time you can use this 8-minute Waking Meditation for Self-Confidence, which can be done any time during the day.

Keep a journal of your experience

By keeping a journal of your daily meditation experiences it can allow you to track your progress. It can be a wonderful tool that shows you the progress that you are making and can help you uncover valuable knowledge and understanding about yourself.

After 21 days-Keep going!

After the 21 day challenge chances are you will feel far more calm and relaxed, but meditation is very much like a seed that you plant in a garden. The more that you give a seed attention and love, the more that it blossoms and blooms. Keep meditating! Learn to integrate meditation into your daily life. You will find that the experience will deepen leading you to live more fully in the present and feeling centered.

By Donald Currie, Hypnotherapist

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